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Zip Awarded 2004 Denny Anzio Award
Myrtle Beach Awards Announced

2004 Denny Anzio Award Winner

Hog Rock announced their annual Myrtle Beach awards today, including the first annual The Denny Anzio Award to honor the Hog who best emulates the recently deceased Myrtle Beach legend.  This year’s winner is Zip for his dominating performance at the 2004 Myrtle Beach trip.

First Denny
Anzio Award Presentation

 Hog Rock specifically sited these performances by Zip:

·        Another masterful performance as the Chairman’s Announcer

·        Winner of the first annual Denny Anzio trophy (not to be confused with the Denny Anzio award) for the highest score during the opening day qualifying round

·        Winner of the Least Valuable Player on the Championship Bolton team at the Fat & Sassy Scramble

·        Established The 500 Club by scoring a near perfect round on golf day 3, leading the West team to victory in the Ryder Cup challenge

·        Had the best variety of tee shirts and didn’t miss a drink during the four-day extravaganza

We haven’t seen this kind of dominating performance since Denny Anzio in 2003, or Denny Anzio in 2002, or Denny Anzio in 2001.

The Chairman’s Announcer                                    Anzio Trophy Winner                Rehab Is For Quitters

Fat & Sassy Scramble Winners                                                              The 500 Club                       

Myrtle Beach Awards

Hog Rock also announced the other 2004 Myrtle Beach awards including the hotly contested Rookie of the Year race. This year’s winner was Judge Jimmy who withstood a relentless challenge from Shane Gabie.  The remaining awards can best be described as Special Achievement Awards.  Hog Rock Congratulates all the 2004 Myrtle Beach Award winners.

Rookie of the Year – Judge Jimmy

 Rookie of the Year Bridesmaid – Shane Gabie

     Most Pissed Off Hog                 Best Driver (Not on the Golf Course)
Tom McVeigh                                                    Macos       

           Best Eulogy                                    Worst Golfer Besides Zip
          Pink                                                     F. Lee Saltzman

Best Performance by an Alcoholic Beverage – Captain Morgan

Full Contact Award – Dick DeCoux for hitting Eggy

Best Evangelical Rant – Boozus

Creativity Award – “It’s All About The Money” – Fat & Sassy

Best Team Player – The Chairman

Best Catered Dinner – Doodle

Best Shunning – Booze Shuns Judge Jimmy

Best Investment – Hog Rock’s First Investor Tom Anzio

The Year of the Bitty

Macos’ New Bitch - Bitty

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