Decade Awards Feedback


Dear Earthly Hog,

Happy as shit to see my last party on earth won a decade award. (Not that I ever have to shit again - I can eat all I want and everything and never have to shit, it's HOG HEAVEN.)

Sorry as shit I had to die to get it!!

But damn it Zip you owe me a lot more then that for playing footsie with me in my coffin! Like maybe the first posthumous SUPER HOG AWARD, after all I am the only hog communicating from the great beyond! Isn't that worthy of some HOG AWARD?

It's a damn good thing the funeral director took my hint and tied it to my shoe. It didn't surprise me a bit that you'd try some lame brain antic like that. But you know what I always said - payback's a bitch - especially from a heavenly hog!

From Hog Heaven,
Forever Your Holy Hog,


Hog Rock Reply

Jammer, it's great to hear from you but you're still full of shit.  Here we gave you both Dead Man of the Decade and Funeral of the Decade and you're still bitching.  Just remember, you may be in Hog Heaven but you'll never be a Super Hog.


Dearest Judges,

I read with much delight and viewed the pics with fond memories. BUT am a little miffed that none of your Hogettes made the cut..
What gives. .??????
If nothing else, an "honorable mention" should have been brought up for a vote.......
for all the joy and T & A we have given you guys over the years:-)
Sweet Jane

Hog Rock Reply
Jane, you make a good point.  We assumed, apparently incorrectly, that our most deserving hogettes would prefer to remain inhognito. Since you apparently have no such reservations, we have two awards for you.  Hogette challenges to the second award are welcomed.

1. Hog Photog of the Decade
For your great work capturing the Grand Opening, Grand Reopening and Grand Closing.

2. Best Breasts
See below