Class of 2016 Induction Ceremony

                    Tom "Zip" Sommers                                                                                                              Steve "Areno" Centrella  

Mike "Eggy" Demiter                                                                                                                   John "Pung" Rugh

Dave "Macos" MacFarland                                                                                                      Elmer "Strawman" Pass

Noel "The A-Hoel" McNew                                                                                                              Andy "Wheels" DeOrzio

Bill "The Owner" Dungee

Charlie "The Tool" Bloemer
Elected to Hogs Softball Hall of Fame

   Hall of Famer                2017 Hall of Fame

Slavinski, Booze, Nixon, Justin Fall Just Short of 50%

All Over 40%


2017 HHOF Vote Totals

Class of 2017 Induction Ceremony

Hogs Hall of Fame Group Picture - 2017

2016 Inductee "Postal" Pat Dixon

2017 Inductee Charlie "The Tool" Bloemer

Class of 2018 Induction Ceremony

2018 Inductees Jeff "Nix" Nixon & Josh "Booch" Bucci

Josh Bucci & Jeff Nixon
Elected to Hogs Hall of Fame Class of 2018

New Hall of Famers

2018 HHOF Vote Totals

Class of 2019 Induction Ceremony


2019 Hall of Fame Election
Justin, Brandon & Booze Elected!

New Hogs Hall of Fame Inductees

2019 HHOF Vote Totals

2020 Hall of Fame Election
Chris Rugh Elected!

Receives Record 76% of Votes

Hall of Famer


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