Buffoon Gate


We should now ponder the reasons behind Buffoon Gate. Pure nepotism is the only reason. We all know when Zip comes east he stays with Macos. Those Stable Hogs are just Stable Mates.

Stable Mates

I have it on good authority that Macos told Zip, "put me in the Hall or stay at Motel 6."  Zip quickly buckled and allowed the ludicrous enshrinement of his bunkmate.


We must also broach the subject of racism. Why are there no Hogs of Color in the Hall of Fame?

Lilly White Hall of Fame

Lastly we must ask why the Hogs of the late nineties and the twenty first century had much more impressive offensive statistics than the Hogs of the Eighties. The answer of course is the Rabbit Ball.

Feasted on the Rabbit Ball?

The Dead Ball Hogs would have feasted on the super ball of later years. Eggy would have hit 20 homers, Pung would have launched 15, Areno would have hit one. 

Would have hit one

Like the major leagues you can't compare stats of different eras.

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