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I feel anyone with three nicknames is worth listening to. This is a good suggestion and would remove the Incubus Macos from the Hallowed Hall. Seriously Mister Gorbachev tear down that wall.
Dan Doogie Sommers - ROY - 1983, Batting Title Winner - 1990

Hey Zip, As I've said before I am honored to be inducted in the inaugural class of the Hogs Hall of Fame, but I'm disappointed by all the controversy surrounding Areno and Macos.

Of course there is no doubt that Areno belongs but you have to admit zero home runs in 1672 at-bats is an incredibly embarrassing accomplishment. Even a blind squirrel catches an acorn sooner or later.

But I have to agree that Macos has no business in the Players Branch of the Hogs Hall of Fame. At least you didn't embarrass Andy given his woeful lifetime stats by putting him in the Players Branch. The Executive Branch gave Andy well-deserved recognition for his contribution to the Hogs. But unless you rename this branch Executives and Buffoons this doesn't work for Macos who certainly was no executive. Perhaps we should just gave him a Lifetime Achievement Award like they do in Hollywood? It basically means that you aren't Hall of Fame worthy but you played so many years that we feel obligated to give you something.

Elmer The Straw , Tickle Me Elmo, Nightmare

Hey Zip, Just saw the Hogs Encyclopedia at the Hogs annual get together for March Madness. Great job putting that encyclopedia together. Canít wait to get my copy. It was an honor to be elected to the Hogs Hall o Fame Inaugural Class of 2016. Itís awesome to be in the class with the Inductees. Iím just thankful that I have a home run in my Hogs career to avoid any controversy - unlike Areno.
Elmer Strawman Pass - Hall of Fame, Batting Title - 1996, 97, 98, 1999

Hey zip, Great job on the encyclopedia!! Andy just told me the story about the missing/found 2009 stats.  It must have been meant to be!  Can you mail one to Elmer? Thanks man!
Chris Pung Jr.  Rugh - MVH - 2009, 2015, Triple Crown - 2009

It's an honor to be elected to the HHOF. As you pointed out earlier you did a great job on the Encyclopedia. I have one question. Will my number be retired at the Hog's Open?
Mike Eggy Demiter - Hall of Fame, Player of the Decade - 1980s, MVH - 1984, Triple Crown - 1984

Speaking of travesties you better check the 1990 MVH.  BA, OPS, OBA and slugging percentage for D Sommers yet somehow T Sommers wins the MVH.  I assume that's the wrong first initial. Like you needed another MVH?
Dan Doogie Sommers - ROY - 1983, Batting Title Winner - 1990, Should Have Been MVH - 1990

I'm sure Areno would have hit a home run in the game he missed to see the Moody Blues.
Bruce Booze Crowly

Zip, If being the team leading heckler will get you into the HHOF then I want out. What an embarrassment to the entire organization. Next thing you know players that have never hit a home run will be inducted.
John Pung Rugh - Hall of Fame, Player of the Decade - 1980s, MVH - 1981, 93, 94, Triple Crown - 1994

Hey Zip, just wanted to point a couple things left out of my HOF credentials. I am also 3 time Cy Hog winner as well as only player to win ROY, MVH, & CY HOG.
Noel the Ahoel  McNew - Hall of Fame, Player of the Decade - 2000s, ROY - 1999, MVH - 2000, 02, 03

Kudos on the remarkable encyclopedia. It is a work to be proud of tainted only by the curious inclusion of Candy Cummings Macos in the Hall of Fame. His novelty inclusion diminishes the greatness of legendary worthy hogs such as yourself.  All the Macos stuff aside, the encyclopedia really is an amazing piece of work.
Dan Doogie Sommers - ROY - 1983, Batting Title Winner - 1990

Zip - It has been a long time since you have dusted off the role as team statistician, but it is clear you have not lost any of your skills or attention to detail.
Dave Macos  MacFarland - Hall of Fame

Zip - Thanks for the encyclopedia. I was really not expecting to be at the top for all time batting average! Really made my day. Little Pung is totally going to pass me once he has enough at bats. Just keep this the last update ever!!!
Charley The Tool Bloemer - MVH - 2005, 2006, 2007, 2012,  Triple Crown - 2006, 2007, ROY - 2003

Awesome Encyclopedia Zip! Thanks brother. See you at the outing or maybe before!
Josh Babe Bucci - Player of the Decade (so far) 2010s, MVH - 2011, 2013

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