Cabrera's No Eggy
Contributions from Areno, Zip, Dick, Eggy, Booze, Macos & Pung



What do Eggy and Miguel Cabrera have in common?

 -Both are douche bags

 -Both exhibit a large girth

 -Both come from a dubious ancestry

 -Both have won a Triple Crown

 -All of the above!

Eggy's Triple Crown


This is the kind of excellent reporting you never see in the liberal media. I was manager during Eggy's historic 1984 campaign, and I can assure you he had a much better year than Cabrera.

Eggy Scoring During Triple Crown Year

Another example of an important story missed by the liberal media is everyone making a big deal of the Pittsburgh Pirates having 20 consecutive losing seasons, while nobody reports on the more extraordinary Hogs streak of 24 consecutive losing seasons. Poor Hogs Manager Andy has been floundering a decade without a winning season, following the decade of incompetence spearheaded by yourself.

Incompetent Managers

Keep up the good work.


Hog Rock Ace Reporter

Good reporting my ASS. How about a FACT check and we'll see just how good the "comparison" was.

A. It is well known, Eggs is an Asshole not a douche bag.

    Not a douche bag

B. Eggy's girth is ample not large.

  Ample But Not Large Girth

C. Eggs, last I checked, while a possible mixed breed is not an illegal alien.

D. Eggs won the Triple Crown when the ball was dead and fielders could catch a ball and there was no fence to prevent a true fielder from chasing a ball down and throwing out those of ample girth.

Hence, there is no comparison. However, I do acknowledge the Hog's as the greatest losers ever.

ACE Reporter, Dick

       Triple Crown Winner - 1984

Dick, once again you show why you are THE ACE REPORTER. Pointing out how Areno came up short again on the facts, just like he did on every fly ball to the outfield, is brilliant.

Triple Crown Winner Eggy

Dick comes up big again


You really came out hard against Areno. I am sure he is smarting after being smacked in the face by "The Swinging Dick". Keep it coming.


As a Triple Crown winner myself, I have gotten used to unwarranted criticism from those players less talented than us. I'm sure Yas has already warned Miguel about this phenomenon.
Pung - Triple Crown Winner - 1994


You ignorant slut!

The only Crown you were ever close to was Royal Crown at the Jailhouse.

Cranky in Malvern


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