Myrtle Beach Trash Talk 2009


F. Lee,

Jimmy is a bitter man since you pissed all over his drive at the Legends Parkland Scramble.  He just can't get a ball past 250, let alone near one of your 300-400 yarders.  He goes on these drunken, venom spewing rants periodically to compensation for his own short comings.  I think you two need to work this out.  I suggest you two room together this year!


I can't believe that my captain would abandon me.
While you guys were at the open, I was in Myrtle getting everything ready for Jimmy.
Besides, sinking 2 30 footers for him last year in the scramble and chipping one to with the distance that even Shane could sink the putt, I let him out drive me on every hole.
What else can a faithful follower do?
F. Lee


Sorry about my FB networking but ever since I got back from the Bahamas and my "surgery"...I am having trouble networking in the normal way.


You're right.  Who the fuck wants to see that goofy dipshit Dr. Wundy and be part of his face book?  I think he should join "Put a bag over you Facebook".  

You got me thinking that maybe the internet needs a special website for people like you.  I'm investigating the idea of creating a new website called AssBook for assholes like you and your short twin bother Shane that stir up the pot needlessly.

AssBook Assholes


Since no one else wants to get this started I might as well be the one. I am stuck here in Cleveland with a big wine buzz and somebody is going to pay for that.

El Boozito - Siesta time is over. Nice job on the "days to go email". If you wait any longer we will be counting down the 2010 trip. For the record its 9 weeks (63 days) to go, unless of course you factor in the guys that are driving down who need to leave on Wednesday night just to get there for the scramble.


Macos - How's your back feeling? I know a good chiropractor in Conshohocken. Even a chiro takes the Hippocratic oath so he will have no choice but to help out an asshole like yourself.



Shane - Just because Booze did not send out a days to go email doesn't mean you can repeatedly ask me when the trip is. The information is readily available on the Internet and you could even check your flight confirmation or several of my other responses from the last few months. A little elbow grease goes a long way. I am resigning as your personal manager. You are too much work and you don't pay enough.


Zip - Are you going to be there for more than a day? Make sure you bring the $25.



Will someone please forward this to the guys in Tampa. Hamels balked and we had a parade ... GET OVER IT!


Doc Wundy - Focus a little more on your patients and a little less on your Facebook page. Thanks for the invite but I don't do social networking as I refuse to believe anyone wants to acknowledge that they know someone as strange as myself. That is why I joined the Hogs. Last stop on the way to being a total social outcast.

I could say more but I don't want to offend anyone. Let the games begin!

Hog Rock Reporter Dave


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