Wetback Canuck         

Aug. 21, 2007

Dave, I saw your article while visiting the Hog Rock today. Beautifully written. You're a fine young cub reporter and I hope we see more from you. That Drexel degree was certainly not wasted on you no matter how wasted you may have been while pursuing it.

Fine Young Cub Reporter

As for the whole Shane incident, it's incredibly sad when people from third-world countries try to do almost anything that involves wheeled transportation. That a 55 year-old man like Shane, well ok he's 37 but with the body of a 55 year-old, would attempt at this late stage in life to learn how to ride a bike is well beyond the pale of any intelligent explanation.

I guess he must have wanted to try to fit into his "adopted" country. Were his community not one huge, illegal immigrant-safe-house this incident might never have taken place. Had he stayed in el Norte where he belongs, we would not be wasting valuable internet space writing articles and fretting over whether Myrtle Beach will be empty without one more wetback.

Wetback Canuck

Had he been in Canada things would be different. I mean how hurt can you get putting on your dungarees, a flannel shirt, lighting up a smoke (at 5 AM) and shooing some pesky moose off the front porch? Not very.

Bicycle riding in the US on an expired holiday visa on the other hand is a skill best learned at the age of 7 and then practiced every 10 years or so until you have it really mastered. Any gum-chewing spasmoid knows that.

Oh well, as you can see I'm empathetic but not sympathetic. So if Shane does miss the Myrtle trip can he at least send his credit card along so that none of the rest of us have to suffer? I'll light a candle.

Hog Rock Star Reporter

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