Gerbil Extractor

 By Macos


Fellow Stable Hogs

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! We need to back up the truck here before all this shit gets out of hand.

Somehow we have all been thrown into a world of controversy by a no talent, chardonnay sipping, Obama loving, liberal cock sucker. Who the fuck is this guy Doogie to even be in the conversation of Stable Hogs with talent?

No Talent, Chardonnay Sipping, Liberal Cock Sucker

This is a man who's only claim to fame is to have had the privilege of removing that dead gerbil from the bung hole of his life partner Jerry Penacoli back in 1983.

Gerbil Extractor

This guy has got the balls to try and besmirch the records of Hogs that have made some great contributions to the world of P'ville Softball. It is very clear that business must be rather slow at his Doogie Sommers' Gerbil Extraction Urgent Care Clinic for him to have time to pen insults at Stable Hogs who have accomplished something in their lives. Only a sniveling weasel with the credentials of a used tampon would dare to evoke the anger of legitimate Stable Hogs.

Credentials of a Used Tampon

We all just need to back it down and focus our energies on Dr. Douchebag and put this shit-eating dung beetle in his place.

Dr. Douchebag


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