Why Now Doogie?

 By Doogie


I am somewhat stunned by Macos risible, scatological rant. It is a diaphanous, mean-spirited attempt to deflect blame upon the heroic whistle blower.

Heroic Whistle Blower

His nonsensical references to rectal rodents and the fact that he seems unaware that he was included with the honest players is diagnostic of one malady: Rhoid Rage.

Rhoid Rage?

This, of course, explains the inexplicable improvement in his golf game. I am sad that my attempt to set the record right has reawakened the long standing enmity between us.

Long-Standing Enmity

Lastly I say to the retired light bulb changer and bogus army vet, that's Dr. Cocksucker to you!

More importantly, many people have asked me of late, why now Doogie, why open old wounds. With many Hogs from the glory days retired or soon to retire, and Stan no longer with us, why now? The answer, of course, is that the truth must come out. The parallels to Jerry Sandusky, Bill Cosby and Bill Conlin are obvious.

Truth Must Come Out

The truth will set us free. I call for all the Dirty Hogs to come clean now!

Doogie (the Hogs' Erin Brockovitch)

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