End The Madness

HHOF Controversy Blazes


End the Madness


We need to pause and consider the damage to the Hall of Fame that is in progress. The election of Macos last year was the most egregious travesty since the 1990 MVP award. Now adding Booze is a possibility! Boobs and Rackos in the Hall of Fame. Pung and Eggie are spinning in their graves.

Booze opines that he was the Hogs most inconsistent player. To the contrary, he always sucked consistently. Like Macos he was an affable sot but a Hall of Famer? I am honored to be considered but I can honestly say I am no Hall of Famer. I was, however, orders of magnitude better than Booze, Macos and Spuds. There were games when I did not suck.

Look at that Chuckie Blow's stats. MVHs, Triple Crowns, truly the Babe Ruth of the Hogs (although dogged by PED rumors, Barry Bonds may be a better name).

Chuckie Blow

And Areno II, clearly an improvement on the original and the original was damn good.

Improvement on the Original

Let us not sully the institution with flotsam. If Macos can't be removed so be it but please no more of his ilk.


Not Hall Worthy

Impeach Macos


First of all I love the 'Chuckie Blow' reference. If only it would catch on...

Perhaps it's time to initiate impeachment proceedings concerning the Macos HHOF induction. Knowing that Macos will most likely filibuster the articles of impeachment, the magnitude of his dubious selection far outweighs any procedural inconveniences that may arise.

Deserves Impeachment

I call for an immediate voting stoppage/interruption of the next inductee class until the investigation into the voting process for his award is uncovered. Our Hog integrity has always been impeccable and must remain so, or HHOF will become a mockery instead of a beacon of light in which to aspire. If not us, who? If not now, when? Doogie, upon your request and out of respect, I have removed your name from my voting ballot.


Putin's Fingerprints

Impeach Macos?? Hell, he’s on The Donald’s short list for Secretary of Political Incorrectness.

Secretary of Political Incorrectness

I see Putin’s fingerprints all over this HHOF nonsense. How low will the Ruskies go? Helping elect Trump is one thing, but mocking “the beacon of light“ to which Steve (Patrick Henry) Areno so eloquently referred. (What is he smoking and why is he not sharing ???????)

Fingerprints All Over HHOF Vote

Doogie, you remain on my ballot, your response confirms my original justification.


Anybody But Nixon


My ballot is as follows:

1 vote for Charlie Bloemer.

Not sure if this is allowed but I'd like to trade my remaining 4 votes in, to subtract one vote from Nixon's total. I understand if it is not allowed but you can't blame a guy for trying. Please consider my request.

If I need to trade all 5 of my nominations in to subtract one from Nixon, I will. If I need to leave unmarked bills somewhere, give me the address.

Nixon's Not The One

It's hard enough playing a full season with Nixon. If he's a HOF'er it will be even worse. The effort won't be there. He will have nothing to play for and his head will be bigger then ever.  It's similar to the Pete Rose situation. Petey will be inducted after he dies, the MLB won't let him get the satisfaction of the Hall. I think the Hogs need to take this approach with Nixon as well. 
For the same reason we leave him out of every team photo...because it's fucking Nixon! He needs to stay out of the Hall until he is a retired hog!! I just feel like the bar will be lowered too much if he gets in.  We need to band together for the integrity of the HHOF!!!

Thanks for your consideration!


Hog Monikers


In my opinion well earned nicknames are a top priority for HHOF. I see there are two candidates with no current votes, however both worked extremely hard for their Hog monikers.

What second baseman drilled more runners in the face as they barreled into second base than the "Assassin"? (Who cares about turning the DP, it's not a stat.)

The Assassin

Who is the only Hog to be ejected from a game and told to leave the grounds? The "Hothead" of course.

The Hothead

I am hereby voting for both of these worthy candidates.

Might as well toss in vote for another well deserved nickname - "Pooper Scooper". Rock did own a dog didn't he?

Pooper Scooper


Defending the Doogster

Give It A Lick Dick

It's been years since I participated in a Hog debate or exchange of any sort. A commentary on the fact that generally don't give a shit and a tribute to my solid moral foundation. However the most recent missives have shaken me from my somnambulism. The sad fact is, there's so little in the lives of aging Hog's that it takes an "Epic Event" such as the HHOF to stir what appears to be life into the wizened loins of this motley lot.

While there are few Hog left with sufficient brain cells to recall some of the classic exchanges between Dr. Strange, Macos and the undersigned, those of you who can still work a mouse are welcome to visit the Hog Rock where such works of, dare I say Hog literary gold are infamously recorded. Those with some memory of those halcyon days will recall that Monsieur DeCoux and Daniel Doogie Sommers had some heated exchanges related to many politically incorrect topics, such as religion, sexual preference and mental stability.

Knowing or now having been informed of the personal attacks contained in those exchanges, it might seem to Hogs in the know ironic that me of all Hogs must (without pun) rise to the defense of Dr. Dan. Like the vast majority of Hog soft ballers, my pathetic batting and fielding stats thankfully has relegated me to the pantheon of the forgettable. Therefore, I find the entire debate related to how consistently awful one plays as the basis for entry into (speaking of forgettable) the HHOF beyond ridiculous. If that is the standard the keeper(s) of the Stats wish to measure entry, by all means lets just open the flood gates and while we're at it send all the Hogs a "your a winner for participating no matter how bad you sucked trophy".

I saw Dr. Dan play and account himself somewhat better than average on a few occasions. And while Gotch might dispute this statement, there were few who played second base as well as the Doogster on said occasions, and far fewer yet who could insult teammates with witty observations when ineptitude was displayed. (A common state of affairs at the vast majority of Hog games I attended.) Therefore, while it pains me to defend my sadly misguided and Francophobic critic, I must as a Hog Survivor strongly support those arguments set forth by the good Doctor lest the HHOF be filled with a Hogger full of deplorables.

Give it Lick Dick

Why Not Consider Defense


First of all I would like to thank Dick for the kind words. His new nickname is Not A Dick.

Not A Dick

I would point out that Zip and his successors endless statistics totally ignore defense. While certainly not stressed in Hogdom, it should not be overlooked totally. My glove, widely known as Where Doubles Come to Rest, is still in my trophy case. Areno and Brigs were both fine outfielders with shotgun arms.  Zip, though like a brother to me, couldn't break a window.

Couldn't Break A Window

Brignola, although perhaps not a Hall of Famer, was a good ball player who once caught a fly ball after his pants fell down. He deserves more than one vote.

Could Catch With Pants Down

Just Sayin

Doc Quack Is Back


Well, well, well. It appears just when I was hoping that shit-eating, dung beetle of a sub human Doc Quack, a.k.a. Doogie, was headed to the dust bin of history along with his leftist/progressive pals Elizabeth Warren, Hillary and the emperor Barack, this sniveling excuse for a human has crawled back from under his rock to blabber aimlessly about an issue he as no justification to even open his mouth/anus.

Shit Eating Dung Beetle

Hopefully the Trump administration will flush this left-wing turd down the toilet and we can watch him swirl down the shit pipe of obscurity. The only reason he was allowed on the field was to be our token "Corky". We were all pleased when he didn't poop his pants when we let him on the field during the last outs of a blow out. His vote has all the value of a soiled Depends. Let this worthless shitball spew his diarrhea for our amusement, but please! Let us not take this soiled pants, leftist from Tardville seriously.

Overwhelming Consensus Inaugural Hog Hall of Fame Inductee

Crooked Macos and Scumbag Nixon


I tried to bite my tongue and stay out of it, but I can't anymore. There are a lot of factors to consider here. But really you only need to look at two. Who are Macos and Nixon?  

Crooked Macos who would steal the Hogs Open belt every year on a technicality. Crooked Macos who wants $20 from you at Hooters even though you've been there only 18 seconds. Crooked Macos who has backed a Nixon H.O.F. nomination.

Crooked Macos

Nixon, arguably the biggest scumbag in this lot of degenerates. Nixon, an average 3rd baseman with a below average personality. Also, from what Justin says, a terrible kisser.

Biggest Scumbag

With the cream of the crop already in the hall, we need to stop, wait a year or so, and really figure out the right system. With most of the guys left being average, we need to figure out a system that will accept the new members in a fashion that is classy but reserved. Let's figure it out so we can all continue to enjoy this fine institution that Zip has built.

We need to consider all variables, this is the Hall of Fame, not a collection of d-bags, although that's exactly what Crooked Macos is going for. Let's all take a step back, enjoy the holidays, be thankful for what we have and be thankful you're not Nixon and relax. We'll take a new look at it after the new year and make the Hall of Fame voting Great Again.

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