Doogie-Macos Feud Reignites

What a Lively Sense of Humor



I have recently read the "Corky" essay by Macos (see below). What a lively sense of humor! Topics such as mental retardation and encopresis are always light-hearted fun.

Retardation Humorist

I would ask, however, why do we need to get so personal. We are both retired gentleman with no need to belittle each other's careers. I saved some lives, Macos changed some light bulbs.

Light Bulb Changer

As to the Hogs Hall of Fame, I maintain that all the players from the Deadball Error that belong in the Hall are already in the Hall.

Deadball Error Hall of Famers

Lastly I would suggest one more inclusion criteria. In addition to 10 years and 350 at-bats, candidates must not have sucked at softball.

Sucked at Softball

With Macos removed the Hall becomes a hallowed institution.


Doc Quack Is Back


Well, well, well. It appears just when I was hoping that shit-eating, dung beetle of a sub human Doc Quack, a.k.a. Doogie, was headed to the dust bin of history along with his leftist/progressive pals Elizabeth Warren, Hillary and the emperor Barack, this sniveling excuse for a human has crawled back from under his rock to blabber aimlessly about an issue he as no justification to even open his mouth/anus.

Shit Eating Dung Beetle

Hopefully the Trump administration will flush this left-wing turd down the toilet and we can watch him swirl down the shit pipe of obscurity. The only reason he was allowed on the field was to be our token "Corky". We were all pleased when he didn't poop his pants when we let him on the field during the last outs of a blow out. His vote has all the value of a soiled Depends. Let this worthless shitball spew his diarrhea for our amusement, but please! Let us not take this soiled pants, leftist from Tardville seriously.

Overwhelming Consensus Inaugural Hog Hall of Fame Inductee

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