Hog Hall Buffoon



Kudos on the remarkable Hogs Encyclopedia. It is a work to be proud of, tainted only by the curious inclusion of Candy Cummings Macos in the Hall of Fame. His novelty inclusion diminishes the greatness of legendary worthy hogs such as yourself.

Candy Cummings

And now I read his rambling, nonsensical diatribe on sacrifice flies (see below) which would suggest a smokescreen by a man who knows he has no business being in the Hog Hall.

No Business in the Hog Hall

I would never claim to be a Hall of Famer. I was just a blue collar, lunch pail hog who did my best.

Blue Collar Lunch Pail Hog

I did lead Macos in batting average, OPS, SA, OBA, home runs and RBIs. So there's that. As for defense, my moniker - Doctor Leather - speaks for itself.  I also played with five real Hall of Famers so I know what one looks like.

Real Hall of Famers

Macos was an amusing maladroit oaf, but his inclusion in the first Hall of Fame class is ludicrous.

Amusing Maladroit Oaf

His aforementioned Run For The Roses, in his H.O.F. blurb was adorable, but the act of a Buffoon not an athlete.  Please remove this "Hall of Famer" who makes a mockery of an otherwise prestigious institution.


Lastly, one may ask how a team with five actual Hall of Famers can be so bad.  You may draw your own conclusions but bad manager screams out.

Bad Manager

Sacrificing for Jerry's Kids

By Macos


It has been a long time since you have dusted off the role as team statistician, but it is clear you have not lost any of your skills or attention to detail.

It was especially kind of you to throw a few bones to those insignificant team members. I am sure folks like Jose, Hose B and your brother were glad to see anyone even remembers they were on the team.

Doc Quack

Too bad the only way Doc Quack could make any of the lifetime leaders list was drop all the way down below 20 for anyone with sacrifice flies. Without me, he wouldn't even have broken the double digit figure. He got at least half of his measly 15 sac's due to my superior base running skills and blazing speed. But he is too stupid to realize I was just trying to help one of Jerry's Kids feel good.

Keep up the good work.


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