Trial of the Millennium

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      Judge Zip                               F. Lee Saltzman                   Prosecutor Macos    

Judge Jimmy               Forensic Expert Booze                 Kato Weller      

Prosecutor Macos Presents the Beer Soaked Glove
 Which Doesn't Fit Jammer's Elbow

Pizza-Stained Thumb Print on the Ransom Note

Matching Thumb Prints                                              Matching DNA         

Forensic Expert Booze Presents Pubic Hairs Which Match Jammer's

F. Lee Saltzman Arrives
With the Brilliant Human Love Machine Defense

Judge Jimmy Swears in Jammer

Jammer Presents Deposition From Sally the Sheep

The Votes Are Counted - Initial Count: 17 Guilty, 7 Not Guilty

Amy the Bartender
Her Phone Number Buys Off Judge Jimmy
Final Count: 17 Guilty, 18 Not Guilty

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