2000 Hogs Open
June 23, 2000- by

Record Attendance at the 
Columbia Hotel 2000 Luncheon

Hogs Open to Change Venue

It’s official, for the first time in 20 years the Hogs Open will not be held at the venerable and challenging Meadowbrook Golf Course. Golfmeister and holder of “The Eagle Ball”, Areno (The Man, The Legend) is changing locations due to the early response of so many interested golfers. The location will be the Mountainous Pickering Valley Golf Club on Whitehorse Road just outside Phoenixville, PA. Areno has challenged everyone with a new course for the new millenium. He wants to remind everyone that “Areno Rules will still be in effect!”

Interested Hogs Open Attendees can contact:
Areno (The Man, The Legend)
Email: Areno1414@aol.com
Phone: 610-265-1038
Write: 517 Dartmouth Dr.
King of Prussia, PA 19406

What is an Areno Rule?

For the uneducated, Webster defines “Areno Rules” as any arbitrary decision, stupid rationalization, or pathetic excuse by Steve “Areno” Centrella to improve his golf score. Here’s a slice of Arenoisms:

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