Letters 2002


Chardonnay Sippers The Big Pick Booze's Hoggie Protest Hague Hog Wants Prizes Eyewitness Account Dead Hog Walking Priceless Booze You Pussy Narcoleptic Typhoid Mary Get Me A Harpoon Myrtle 2002 Top Ten TKE's Rat Out Each Other Scooter's Still Alive

Scooter's Still Alive
And He's Got Classic Pictures

Scooter's Still Alive

Drexel TKE's Rat Out Each Other
In Pick-Six Betting Fix

TKE's Rat Out Each Other

Booze to Hogland:
Thanks for Your Compassion
Following My Near-Death Ordeal

Top Ten Myrtle Beach Thank You's

Another New Dick Lick

Get Me A Harpoon

A New Lick From Dick

Narcoleptic Typhoid Mary

Areno on Booze's Plane Seizure

Booze You Pussy

Steve Glammer Checks In


Dead Hog Walking

Dead Hog Walking

Myrtle Beach 2002
Eyewitness Account

Eyewitness Account

Hague Hog Demands Prizes

Hague Hog Demands Prizes

Hoggies Protest
From 29-Time Loser

Booze's Hoggie Protest

The Pig Pick

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The Big Pick

Chardonnay Sipping Scandal

Chardonnay Sippers?

Chardonnay Sippers


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