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Subj: Lost Pingy - The Real Story
Date: 7/28/2004 11:56:26 AM
From: rtclarkins@yahoo.com
To: ejohnes@ehsppo.com, TomSommers@aol.com

Abusive & Sadistic

What a bunch of bullshit about Ed Johnes' lost pingy!  Somebody has to tell the real story of this lunatic. Most of you know what's going on here.  Eddie "Money" can't control his temper.  Plain and simple, he's an asshole! 

I hope the investigative reporters do their job and uncover the true nature of the abusive and sadistic behavior of this sick individual.  Many of us have seen this man lose it when he doesn't get closest to the pin on a "PAR 3". 
How can there be any doubt this kind of rage in not rampant in his life. Thank God his wife is strong and usually armed.


Eddie Money played golf at The Witch

Playing badly, hit a ball near a ditch

Got mad, flung his Ping

It was a foolish thing

Such an asshole and dumb son of a bitch


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