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Political Debates of 1995
by Tom Sommers, Dan Sommers & Macos


by Macos and Tom Sommers - Nov. 1995

Dan you Ignorant Liberal Slut,

Fifty years after the crippled architect of the socialistic, liberal-democratic agenda was planted in the ground and allowed to rot with his anachronistic pipedream, thirty years after the failed and totally repudiated “Great Society” which fiscally and morally bankrupted our society was created, and fifteen years after the savior of western society, the modern day MESSIAH, Ronald Reagan put a stake in these blood-sucking, drain-on-society programs, we still struggle with your own personal ineptitude of the issues and cannot believe how you "Just Don't Get IT".

It's hard to believe that someone whose profession has sucked the life blood out of productive members of society, has the unmitigated gall to pretend he even cares about the so-called under-class while he lives in the lap of luxury in his sprawling suburban estate.  It is so easy to criticize those who care about the future of our society while you sit around your $50,000 swimming pool, sipping on imported Chardonnays and complaining about how your income will only increase at quadruple the inflation rate.

What surprises me most is the hypocrisy of mortgaging away the future of your own children to line your own pockets.  The flippant comments of your letter ignore the ultimate hypocrisy of condemning your own children to become members of the so called under-class.  Forgive our House Leader and Conservative Ideologue for suggesting that:

1) The proposed 6% annual increase in Medicare spending is not enough to continue to line the pockets of the Chardonnay-sipping, liberal-democratic, over-paid, under-worked medical bureaucracy.

2) A mother of three children by three different fathers who was murdered by drug-crazed, welfare-induced cast-offs of society is not symptomatic of the failed liberal-democratic welfare state.

3) We should be skeptical of your poll-induced, spineless, flip-flopping, philandering, hypocrite President's promise of balancing the budget in (you choose) 5 years, 7 years, 8 years, or 10 years.

If you took five minutes to stop sipping your Chardonnay to consider the future of not only your own children, but all the future generations of our great country, you would see how your mind has been brain-washed and/or manipulated by the liberal Zionist Press.  We all pray for a cure for your mindless babble.


Newt's Nazis




By Dan Sommers - Nov. 1995

Tom, you Jack-booting reactionary,

I’m in receipt of your rambling, ranting, semi-psychotic epistle.  Although I find your neophytic, pretentious economic analysis amusing, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the issues I raised in my brief, yet powerful note.

I’m concerned with the fact that the majority leader of the House is a blatant racist and a purveyor of the worst kind of hate rhetoric.  He paints the entire underclass with the same brush (underclass?  Is that freshman or sophomores?) -- drug addicts with no respect for others.  If that sort of bland sweeping indictment doesn’t bother you, then don’t let me interfere with your cross burning.

For some reason you have characterized my profession as “blood sucking”.  Unfortunately, since you assumed your peripatetic ways we have seen less of each other, and you have forgotten that I am a physician.  I am not a lawyer, stock broker, financial advisor, agent, life insurance salesman, advertising agent, or some other non-producing drone.  I am a saver of lives and a preserver of family structure.  I stop bleeding, I don’t suck blood.  How can you, who has amassed a small fortune producing plastic straps, call me a blood sucker?  How can you, who has raided factory after factory, terminating careers and self-esteem of the helpless factory worker (i.e., the Proletariat) question my morals.  Most importantly, how can you who drinks Budweiser, ridicule my choice of wine?  To top it all off, my wife has larger breasts than your’s does.

Lastly, Ronald Reagan, the savior of western society?  He was a man who somnambulated through eight years in the Oval Office.  Here is a man whose decisions were made with the help of Alzheimer’s Disease and a subdural hematoma.  His most cogent logic came from “Bedtime for Bonzo”.  Here is a man whose sole guidance was his wife’s mystic fortune teller.  Reaganomics looked good until the bill came due.  That would be, my brother, the deficit.  That billion dollar albatross that you and your ilk have draped around the necks of our children.  The only finances he improved were the Contras.  The party of Lincoln has become the party of Gingrich, Strom Thurmond, Tom Washington, Timothy McVeigh and Pat Robertson.


Comrade Dan

P.S. - The pool was less than $50,000 and the wine is domestic.  Great term “Conservative Ideologue”.  We hope to see you two this winter and sip some Chardonnay.


By Tom Sommers - Dec. 1995

 Dear Comrade Dan,

Thank you for your recent letter, a great improvement over your original note not only because it was amusing but it also contained a few correct facts.  For example, I agree with you on the following points:  

·         Newt does say stupid things every time he talks about social values.

·         It was unfair to lump you in with so many other doctors who are more concerned with filing Medicare claims and implementing unneeded tests to line their own pockets rather than saving lives.

·         I may have ruined a few lives during my career, but at least I am trying to maintain our industrial manufacturing base with good-paying jobs rather than let the country become a bunch of burger-flippers.

·         Your wife does have larger breasts than mine, however, I also am very proud of my wife’s breasts.

I must also point out several of your statements which I believe were incorrect:

·         My recent epistle was totally psychotic, not semi-psychotic.

·         I drink imported Heineken, not domestic Budweiser.

·         Your list of blood-sucking professions was excellent but left out CEOs, comptrollers, professional athletes and professional team owners.

·         As a doctor I don’t think you should be making fun of Alzheimer’s Disease although it is perfectly acceptable for me to do so.

As a final point, I am compelled to correct the most egregious error of you letter, blaming Reaganomics for the current budget deficit.  It is understandable that an economics neophyte like yourself who has somnambulated through the past 30 years of current events would believe this premise since it is constantly misstated by Democrats and the liberal media. 

It is true that the deficit began to bulge in Reagan’s first term due to the simultaneous military buildup and tax cuts.  However, these effects have long-since been offset by numerous tax increases (by Reagan, Bush and Clinton) and by a decade-long decrease in military spending.  The cause of the current deficit primarily is due to one factor, the relentless increase in entitlement spending which would have occurred no matter who was president, and which will eventually absorb the entire budget when combined with related interest payments.

While Republicans continue to embarrass me with irrelevant issues like abortion, gun control, flag burning, family values, and violence in the media, at least they are trying to address our most serious problem of uncontrolled entitlement spending unlike the Democrats who do not appear to have any program at all except protecting the status quo.  Unfortunately for them, if something is not done quickly, there will not be any money left for their well-intentioned discretionary programs and future generations will be paying all their taxes for interest payments.  It is not too late to avoid a fate like France and the rest of the European welfare states if we take action now, but we need intelligent liberals like yourself to disregard the demagoguery of the liberal media and to ignore the moronic social comments of the conservatives so we can address the real financial problems.

Your Fiscally Conservative Brother,


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