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40th Annual (Second Try)
Myrtle Beach Golf Classic is On!

Sept. 24-28, 2021
Seawatch Resort

Friday Sept. 24 - Arrivals
Saturday Sept. 25 - Grande Dune at 9:15 AM
Sunday Sept. 26 Scramble - Pine Lakes at 9:09 AM
Tuesday Sept. 28 - Departures

Contact Pink for Details

39th Annual
Myrtle Beach Golf Classic

2019 Myrtle Beach Group

Brand New Pictures

2019 Myrtle Pictures

Hog Rock Tribute
Bill Dungee

Bill Dungee Tribute

Hog Rock Tribute
Pat Chiampi

Pat Chiampi Tribute

42nd Annual
Hogs Open

Friday, June 18, 2021

Pickering Valley Golf Club - 1 PM
Lunch at Grid Iron Sports Bar - 11 AM

2021 Official Hogs Open Invite

Tee Times are Limited!
Send your confirmation to Booze


41st Annual
Hogs Open
Areno Wins 2020 Hogs Open

Areno posted the lowest score of any Hog attending the 2020 Hogs Open at the prestigious Pickering Valley Golf Club today. The much-anticipated yearly event was held Friday, June 19, 2020. It had the lowest attendance turnout of any Hog Open in our 41-year history. The deposit will not be returned. But that did not deter the courageous warrior, aka Areno, from staring down Covid-19 and risking his health to claim The Belt for posterity.

2020 Hogs Open Group

Brand New Pictures

2020 Open Pictures

Hog Rock Grand Resurrection Rescheduled
Saturday, June 18, 2022

Based on your feedback, we will wait another year to be safe. Here's your vote as of 4/5/21: 

1. June 19, 2021 - 17 Votes (39%)
2. June 18, 2022 - 27 Votes (61%)
3. Cancel Altogether - 0 Votes (0%)

Breaking News!

Attention all Myrtle Beach Hogs!

You have all likely been following the new strains of the COVID-19 Virus that have appeared in the UK and South Africa. Just got word this morning about a new strain allegedly coming out of Canada. They are calling this new strain MOEVID-19. If you contract MOEVID you are likely to overindulge in Beer, Wine, Liquor, Food, Cigarettes, Golf and anything else you can glom off of others for free. There is no known cure for this virus.

Apparently masks offer no protection from MOEVID. It is just best to avoid all contact with those who have contracted MOEVID-19 until such time as they find a cure. Not sure how this could impact this year's trip yet.

But there is some promising news.  Vrobel has antibodies and is working on a vaccine.

Featured Video of the Month

The Most Interesting Man In the World
No Shane Gabie's

No Shane Gabie's

New Hogs Softball Encyclopedia
2020 28th Edition Now On-Line

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Softball Encyclopedia

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