6th Annual Hooters
Christmas Party Highlights

Hooters 2004 Pictures 3

Hooters 2004 Pictures 2

Hooters 2004 Pictures

Hooters 2004 Movie

Joy to the Hogs

Boozus Is Born

Bill Pawliczek Party
Thursday, Dec. 30, 2004  7:30 PM  

Cavanaugh's Restaurant
119 South 39th Street
Corner of 39th and Sansom Streets

Hooters 6th Annual Christmas Party
Thursday Dec. 9, 2004    6 PM
King of Prussia Hooters

Hooters Christmas Party

Hog Rock Reaches 10,000 Hits in 2004!

Bill Gates Congratulates
Webmaster Zip

Hog Rock Rookie Correspondent Transfixxxed is
Utterly Stupefied


Utterly Stupefied

2004 Myrtle Beach Trip
Sept. 23-27, 2004

2004 Myrtle Beach

2004 Myrtle Beach Awards Announced

New Myrtle Beach Pictures
The Lost Macos Collection

2004 Myrtle Pictures 2

2004 Myrtle Beach Picture Gallery
78 Brand New Pictures!

2004 Myrtle Beach Picture Gallery 1

The Amazing Adventures
of Boozus


Hog Rock Announces
The Year of the Bitty

Year of The Bitty

The Chairman - Man on a Mission

The Chairman - Man on a Mission

Zip Wins Denny Anzio Award

2004 Myrtle Beach Awards

The Chairman's 2004 Address

Chairman's 2004 Address

Featured Myrtle Beach Assholes

Featured Myrtle Beach Assholes

Ed Johnes - Natural Born Killer

click to enlarge

Natural Born Killer

Pingy’s Perverted Perpetrator

click to enlarge

Pingy's Perverted Perpetrator

The Pingy Series

Club Abuse

Lost Pingy-The Real Story

Lost Pingy Found

Hog Rock Remembers Denny Anzio

Denny Anzio Tribute

McGreevey Top Ten List

McGreevey Top Ten List

2004 Softball Major Award Winners

Most Valuable Hog            Batting Title     

2004 Softball Major Award Winners

Final 2004 Softball Stats

29th Annual Blanchard
Labor Day Picnic

Sept. 4, 2004   1 PM

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Blanchard Picnic           Picnic Directions

2004 Myrtle Beach Trip
Sept. 23-27, 2004

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2003 Cheating Scandal Exposed!

The Chairman's 2003 Speech


Hog Rock Announces IPO

Hog Rock CEOs

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Website Reaches 1000 Hits in July

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Three New Hog Rock IPO Investors

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Hog Rock News Vol. 13

click to enlarge

HRN13-Special Hogs Golfers Edition

Dick Has Arisen!

Dick Has Arisen

Dick Trouble

Dick Trouble

Hogs Softball Central

Stan Clark Loses 300th Game
Elmer Wins First as Hogs Split

Cy Young        Pud Galvin         Stan Clark
Only Pitchers In History With 300 Career Losses

2004 Softball

June 4 Game     Legends Game
Pictures             Pictures


June 4th Hog Pictures            2004 Legends Game Pictures

2004 Softball Schedule

2004 Softball Schedule

Silver Anniversary
Hogs Open Highlights

Al Calabria Wins Belt

click to enlarge

Another Belt Controversy!

 The Belt Is A Sham Again

Brand New Pictures

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2004 Open Pictures     More 2004 Open Pictures

June 18, 2004     12:35 PM
Pickering Valley Golf Club

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1984                 1985                 1986                   1987                    1988  

1989              1990                1991                 1992               1993                1995

1996             1997              1998                1999                 2001               2003 

Lunch at LaTaverna   11:00 AM
Post Hogger at Fox Barn

Hogs Open

Directions to the Events

Hogs Open Directions            LaTaverna Directions

130 Attend Dirt's 30th
Phillies Opening Day

click to enlarge

Brand New Pictures

Opening Day 2004

Opening Day 2004 Stadium Pictures

30 Attend Hog Rock
Hooters Spring Fling

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Brand New Pictures

Hooters Spring Fling 2004

Sigma Pi Annual Golf Outing
Saturday May 22nd
Contact Booze for Details

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Softball Hogs Start 25th Season

Zip Leads But Hogs Don't Follow
Hogs Drop Legends Game

Hitting Legend Goes 2 for 3
10 Consecutive Seasons Over .500!

2004 Softball

Legends Game Pictures

click to enlarge

2004 Legends Game Pictures

15 Consecutive Years Below .500

click to enlarge

Hogs Vow To Break Streak!

2003 MVH               2003 ROY        Personnel Director            GM      
   Noel McNew       Chuck Bloemer         Andy DeOrzio              Areno        

Hogs Softball

Hooters Spring Fling
Dominated by Hogs Young Guns


2004 Softball

2004 Softball Encyclopedia
Now On Line

click to enlarge

Softball Encyclopedia

Softball Winter Meetings Pictures

click to enlarge

2004 Winter Meetings Pictures

Hog Rock Cafe
Celebrates Fourth Anniversary

Webmaster Zip

Established April 1, 2000
Four Years on the Web

Dirt's 30th Annual Phillies Opening Day

Entertainment Same as Last Year
Sat. April 3, 2004     11:30 AM

click to enlarge

Dirt's Opening Day

Hog Rock Hooters Spring Fling


click to enlarge

Friday April 2   6 PM
Rt. 202 King of Prussia

Hog Rock Cafe Shut
Down By Witty Worm

Webmaster Zip

Hog Rock Shut Down

Judge Jimmy Jailed

Will Be Nailed

Last Day of Freedom

Hogs Softball Winter Meetings
Wed. Feb. 25th   6PM    Stables

click to enlarge

2003 Hoggie Awards

Hog of the Year       Best New Picture        

      Not Booze                                              Snot Guilty                  

 Dead Man of the Year    Asshole of the Year

Richard Dungee                                                     Sly    

 Comeback Hog       All Round Hog

     Roger Myers                                       Pat Chiampi  

Best Hogger of 2003

Myrtle Beach  2003

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