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Dirt's Opening Day

50th Annual
Dirt's Phillies Opening Day

Thursday, March 28, 2024
Festivities Start at Noon  Game Starts @ 3:05 PM

Dirt's Opening Day

49th Annual
Dirt's Phillies Opening Day

2023 Opening Day

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Opening Day 2023


Myrtle Beach

44th Annual
Myrtle Beach Golf Classic

Sept. 20-24, 2024
Sea Watch Resort

Friday Sept. 20 - Arrivals
Saturday Sept. 21 - World Tour (F&B) at 9:28 AM
Sunday Sept. 22 Scramble - Tidewater at 12:30 PM
Monday Sept. 23 - Glen Dornoch (F&B) at 9:34 AM
Tuesday Sept. 24 - Departures

Contact Pink for Details

43rd Annual
Myrtle Beach Golf Classic

2023 Myrtle Beach Group

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2023 Myrtle Pictures

Sea Watch Resort - Myrtle Beach
Sept. 15 - Sept. 19, 2023


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Hooters Christmas Party

25th Annual Silver Anniversary
Hooters Christmas Party

2023 Hooters Group

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 A First Class Softball Organization Since 1980


Hogs Softball

Hogs Win B-League Championship!
First Championship in 44 Seasons

2023 Hogs Softball Team
B-League Champions

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2023 Championship Pictures

Hogs Win B-League Championship

Shots, beers, wings, pizzas...and oh yeah ...the Championship trophy!  

All were part of the celebration at the GridIron (Home of the Hogs) after beating Collins Painting (our decades-old rival) at Veterans Field  20-5 in the much-anticipated B-league championship game. The Hogs Softball team won it's first division title and are now crowned the 2023 Champs!

The play-offs had been marred by inclement weather the previous week and was re-scheduled for Tuesday evening. Wreaking havoc with various vacation schedules. Friendly skies greeted the Hogs tonight even though it was a little muggy.

Initially the Hogs seemed lethargic.  We were missing some key players from the line-up. This did not bode well. Our defensive cornerstone, if you will, of Brandon, Rhino, and Willy were all out. Joe was on the IR and Kauff missed the national anthem. But not to worry, with the players picking their own  defensive positions, Booch moved to the outfield, joined by Billy, Cricket and Ed. They played flawless  'D'.  Ironically, defense was costly to the Painters not the Hogs. They dropped, muffed and misplayed numerous attempts to field balls only to allow extra outs, extra bases and more runs for us. Our infield play shined also, manned by Bear, Crew, Nix and Straw. Noel and '3hit' Erik made up the battery.

The first inning was worrisome. The Painters scored three runs. The Hogs were unable to answer in our half of the inning, with three fly outs and no runs. Our opponents then plated another run in the top of the second leading to a 4-0 deficit. The fans were raising their eye brows and looking at each other considering perhaps the possibility of sitting thru a doubleheader in this double elimination tournament. They included Andy, Pung, Spuds and Jules. Areno had our backs as usual. But the bottom of the second told a different story. Collins lead would not last a PVille minute! Five straight hits including a Booch double lead to a 6 run inning. Ed picking up the go ahead RBI that would eventually be the GWRBI !  The Painters scored another run in the top of the third inning giving them 5 runs and keeping within striking distance of the never-quit Hogs. We batted around in the third inning scoring seven more runs.  Highlighting the hit brigade was Cricket with a 3 run HR blast.  Straw also went yard for a solo shot. Crew and Booch racked up doubles in that frame. Score after three innings...13-5!

The fourth and final frame arrived and we held Collins Painters to no runs in their half of the inning. Then the Hogs batted around again in the fourth ! Seven hits, seven runs including  doubles by Ed and Bear and an always exciting triple by Crew. Nixon, returning from his vacation, crossed the plate with our 20th and final run. Noel recording the walk-off single. Final score
20-5. An interesting bone-headed base running blunder by Billy threatened to cut short the Hogs rally.  He was caught trying to steal third base when the ball was slowly returned to the pitcher. Fortunately, Radar the Ump claimed that he had called 'Time' much to the dismay of the Painters.  Billy was allowed to return to second base and eventually scored and kept the inning alive for more runs. BTW the bottom of the line-up went 12 for 12! eliciting a 'Hogs like Bottoms' cheer.  The margin of 15 runs concluded the game with the speed up rules taking effect. What followed can only be described as bedlam as the 1st place trophy was awarded to our team leaders. The ensuing celebration and picture taking overwhelmed the Hog players and onlookers as our first championship victory began to sink in. Rings are rumored to be issued at the start of the 2024 campaign. And a replica banner of the back of this years jerseys will be unveiled at the GridIron.

Individual shout-outs go to Crew for MVH honors and managerial excellence. The MVH bridesmaid list is extensive. Straw, Willy, Bear and Cricket all ending the season above .500. Cricket is now eligible for HHOF consideration. Rookie of the Year was bestowed upon Ed.  Who can forget his first at bat for the Hogs? The deafening jeers, shouting and heckling with boos to the ump for calling balls as he extended the count to 3-2. Somehow he completed his AB.  He would later create his own award ( who would do such a thing ?) as the season came to a close. He accepted on his own behalf the  triple crown award honoring himself. He took home the prestigious Iron Hog title (games and bars) LVH and ROY. His base-running was a joy to watch. His fielding was always a constant adventure to say the least. 

Congratulations to all the Hogs.  Every #14 contributed to this memorable game and season. 
Thanks to the GridIron for their sponsorship, refreshments and laughs.

Respectfully submitted,

HogWild Treasurer
Hog Correspondent

Unprecedented Rally

'Don't put away that sweep broom yet !'
Following the sweep of Breaking Batz last week, the Hogs took their momentum on to our next formidable opponent, The Fightins.  Noel took the rubber this night, now back from his vacation, and picked up  3H, 2R and 2RBIs. Joe, his battery mate, helped the cause collecting 1H, 1R, and 1RBI for the outing.
It was a big night for the offense with the first game being called after four innings as the Hogs won 17-2 on the speed-up mercy rule (needing a margin of 15 runs after four innings.) Kauff played first base for the absent Booch and ended the game with a dramatic walk off HR to lead off the bottom of the fourth inning putting the Fightins out of their misery. After partaking in the customary 'bitch slapping' celebration, the Hogs settled down to get ready for the nightcap game. In this first of two abbreviated games we scored 13 runs in the bottom of the third with every Hog crossing the plate with a run and every Hog on the roster picked up a hit and RBI in this lopsided contest. A historical and unprecedented achievement in the Hogs 43 year history!   A true team effort.
The second game was a continuation of the hitting clinic put on by this team in the first game. We picked up 8 unanswered runs in four innings to start the game. The Fightins fought back with 6 runs in  the bottom of the 4th, but were no match to the relentless #14's. Final score 12-6. Brandon two more doubles 3R and an OA. Utility Hog, Straw, playing second base in this double header played strong defensive games drawing accolades and of course comparison to our regular second baseman. ( you know, the back of our jersey guy) Crew continued his MVH march with 2 doubles 4 RBIs and stellar defense. Cricket 1H, 1R (but no OA) Kauff 2H 3Rs. Billy 1H. Joe 3 Hs, 3Rs. Ed with a hit and 2RBIs. Bob the Bear  "I'm never in uniform" was in uniform and collected a hit and an RBI. 
We are now 7-7 heading into the final games of the season and the inevitable play-offs.
Side note:  Erik has been MIA for a few weeks fueling the rumors that this world traveling Hog has some sort of CIA affiliation or involvement. We will continue to monitor this breaking story.

HogWild Treasurer
Hog Correspondent

Rising from the Ashes

Phoenixville, named after the mystical creature 'Phoenix' who rose from the ashes and obtained new life, is home to the legendary Hogs. The longest continuous running softball team in America.
And like the Phoenix, our own Straw rose from his sick bed, still weakened, to take the mound and save a faltering 2023 Hogs softball season. The Hogs were on a seven game losing streak, including  the 'replacement' games from the previous week. Ugh ! We hadn't won a game since April.
After watching a YouTube video on 'How to fart without shitting your pants" Staw was able to take the bump and navigate the double-header with determination and the admiration of his peers. Our opponent was the good hitting team 'Breaking Batz'  We took the first game 13-10 and the nightcap 14-12. All Hogs contributed with hits and runs and good defense. Brandon 4H, 4R.  Booch 3R, 3RBI. Crew continued his onslaught of HRs and RBIs collecting nine in the twin killing.
They said it couldn't be done, they said nobody could do it, but Bob 'The Bear' Speer was knocked on his butt after a third base collision.  He held on to the ball for a critical out as the Batz runner got the thumb in a thrilling defensive play. Cricket was awarded the outfield assist on that play as well as another on a crowd pleasing play at the plate. A foolish Batz baserunner was nailed at the plate as Jon 'The Kauff' (with 2 F's) applied the tag on the sliding runner. This final out of the inning was punctuated by his spike of the ball on his way to the bench. The crowd  (Andy) erupted with pleasure. Crew was the relay for both OA putouts.  Kauff recorded 4H, 2R and 2RBIs while Cricket had 2H, 2RBIs and the aforementioned 2 OAs.
The Richter Scale was buzzing with two occurrences in PVille which were traced back to Veterans Field and the Hogs second baseman ( you know the size rumors surrounding this player) Nixon. Nix laid out twice trying to make valiant plays on hits to the right side. Nix picked up 5 Hs and a pair of RBIs and a lot of dirt. Steady Willy had 4Hs and 2RBIs. Ed also chipped in with 2H and 3 RBIs.  The seven game losing streak was over and the Hogs took the sweep broom to the GridIron for celebration. 
BTW... don't put the sweep broom away too soon.  There's games next week !

HogWild Treasurer
Hog Correspondent


2023 Hogs Softball Schedule/Results
Day Date Time Opponent Location Game Result Hogs
Hogs Opp.
Tue 4/18/2023 6:00 PM Collins Paint VP 18 8 1-0
Tue 4/25/2023 6:00 PM Sack Flys VP 18 8 2-0
Tue 5/9/2023 6:00 PM Italian Club FF 13 12 3-0
    7:00 PM Italian Club FF 8 18 3-1
Thu 5/18/2023 6:00 PM Gorillas FF 9 19 3-2
    7:00 PM Gorillas FF 0 23 3-3
Thu 5/25/2023 6:00 PM Duck Inn FF 2 12 3-4
    7:00 PM Duck Inn FF 4 15 3-5
Tue 6/6/2023 6:00 PM Markleys FF 10 13 3-6
    7:00 PM Markleys FF 5 13 3-7
Thu 6/13/2023 6:00 PM Breaking Batz VP 13 10 4-7
    7:00 PM Breaking Batz VP 14 11 5-7
Tue 6/20/2023 6:00 PM Fightins VP 17 2 6-7
    7:00 PM Fightins VP 12 6 7-7
Tue 7/19/2023 6:00 PM Hackers VP 6 21 7-8
    7:00 PM Hackers VP 3 21 7-9
Tue 8/1/2023 6:00 PM Breaking Batz VP 15 12 8-9
Thu 8/3/23 6:00 PM Fightins VP 20 9 9-9
Thu 8/15/23 6:00 PM Collins Paint              VP 20 5 10-9
Total         207 238 -31
      Location - Phoenixville      
      FF = Friendship Field - 501 Franklin Ave    
      VP = Veterans Park - 194 Mowere Rd    

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